A long Legacy of<br /> Trusted Services A long Legacy of<br /> Trusted Services

Strengthen Skill & Social Development

People Tree is engaged and involved in social upliftment by way of Skill Development in India and also vocational training. We have presence in various parts of India with primary focus on promoting Skill Development Training, Employment and Entrepreneurship.

  • Capacity building on requirement aligned to GoI and state mission objectives to meet the industry requirements.
  • Increased employability and better livelihoods for individuals.
  • Leverage modern technology to ensure scale, access and outreach.
  • Ensure both vertical and horizontal pathways to skilled workforce.
  • Ensure skilling needs of socially & geographically disadvantaged are met.

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS)

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) aims to promote training in the country by providing stipend support to the apprentices, undertake capacity building of the apprenticeship ecosystem and provide advocacy assistance to support rapid growth

Benefits of Scheme

  • Employers are exempted from EPF and ESI contributions.
  • Reduces expenditure on the recruitment process.
  • Helps to evaluate the performance of the trainees and retain them if they wish to.
  • Industry-related training creates a proactive workforce. This benefits the employers in the long run since trained employees add value to the organization.
  • Addresses the hiring gap of skilled candidates through industry-specific training.
  • Reduces attrition as a loyalty factor in apprentices is relatively higher.

NATS enhances the establishment of productivity and provides financial support to the industries by way of reimbursing 50% of Government prescribed minimum spend paid to the apprentices

  • NATS is one of the flagship programs of the Government of India for Skilling Indian Youth.
  • The National Apprenticeship Training Scheme in India is a one-year program for all of the students.
  • It gives technical qualifications to the youth of the country.
  • The program gives practical knowledge and skills that are required in theirfield of work.
  • The Apprentices are imparted training by the organizations at their place of work.
  • Trained Managers with well-developed training modules ensure that Apprentices learn the job quickly and competently.
  • During the period of apprenticeship, the apprentices are paid a stipend amount, 50% of which is reimbursable to the employer from the Government of India.
  • The apprentices are issued a Certificate of Proficiency.